Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

View Scrapbook 8 - Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

People at NCBR

Morayfield Scouts at NCBR

Beer O'Clock

English Tourists

Bmx Track

Kids Enjoying christmas Holidays 2009

Pedal powered campers

Families Camping

Fire ablazing at Neurum Creek

Art workshop

Art workshop

For Art's sake

Twins go camping

The M.A.S.H. camp

Hit it for 6!

Rainy Entrance

Building a Fort

Jump at the BMX Track

soakin up Sunbeams

Thirsty NOW !!!!!!!!!!

Nearly ready

Brilliantly taken on the TWENTY by Reggie !!!!

Well Fielded Reggie

Kids on the rock !!

A frame luxury

Neurum Creek boot camp

The Easter Visitors

This is what I'm here for......doing nothing

Watermelon munchers



Line up for cake

A Winner

A Scottish Visitor

Look out Dad, I'm hungry

Our first time to Neurum Creek

Neil, Dianne & Graham

Neil Gwyn & Graham Aust Day

Thanks Santa

First time camping

John, Maureen & Dean

Oh I love the Waterhole


Reading the Comic strips, Obviously

Fathers Day breakfast

Thats my New Idea!

Pale Pink today