Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

View Scrapbook 47 - Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Country Rock Camp Oven Cooking 2015

Our MC Brent - Great Job Mate

Tasting the Scones and Billy Tea

The Band Rocks

Captain American Wins

Great Band

Just Chilling

Making Fairy Floss

Get in my belly

Pretty Faces

Ginger Beer and Cinnamon Scroll

Checking the damper

Everyone having a great time

Face Painting

The Winner Damper

Fairy Floss Girls

Having A Go

Kids Mixing Up A Storm

Mixing Up A Great Damper

Mixing The Damper

2 Dogs having a great time

Camp Ovens Nice Fire

Cast Iron Boys

Mark Scone Guru

Cast Iron Boys Taste Testing all the Great Dampers

Fantastic Eagels Band

The Eagels Band Performing

Very Happy 1st Place Winner

2nd Prize Damper Competition Winner

Crowd goes wild

3rd Prize Damper Competition Winner

Dampers Galore