Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

View Scrapbook 24 - Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

General Pics

Kids love Kyaking the creek is great

It is fun to Kyak up Wallaby Waterhole

Kyaking up Wallaby Waterhole

Tracey of NCBR and Jason Kyaking up Wallaby Waterhole

2010 Jan Flooding

Steve and mindy at the front gate

Wallaby Waterhole

Wallaby Waterhole

Our first neurum experience

Rhyse and Duke

the creek

Reflections in the creek

Floods April 2009

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Milky Way above NCBR

Stars at NCBR

Winter campfire

A Great place to camp

Camp set up

Flood May 2009

camp fire sing along

swinging at the creek

dad and a friend

retro versus new fangled

A crisp morning in the valley

A crisp morning in the valley

Is time camping

All set up for 1st time camping

vintage van

Vintage Van

Vintage Van Club

Never mind the weather

Flooded in Feb 08

Flooded in February 08

Want a Sandwich? I'm hungry

Bread is Big at Kilcoy Bakery

Views to die for

We Found Our Pot Of Gold At Neurum Creek

Our Dirty Weekend

all set up, time to relax.

Exploring the creek

Beautiful rising moon.