Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

View Scrapbook 21 - Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Cocktail Party 2006

The party is over (i think)

The next day

You've gotta be joking

Best dressed peacock

Gwyn steps out

Hi spirited

fireside fun

It's been fun

Past Graham's bedtime

Rum toddies

Hotel California

Mmmmm good

The party is on

Is this woman available

the table is set

The show is on

Strawberry MMmmmmmmmmm

The fashion improves

The entertainment arrives

Concocting Cocktails

stunning specimens

Mark & Jackie hit it off

Gwyn catches her man

everyone contributes

Who brung him

waiting for the action

fashion is catching

good time girls

a flair for fashion

Class act

Food inspectors




Ab Fab

Hello Darlings

male debate


Very regal

the recipe

The girls are set to go

A fashion statement

Pouring the first Cocktail

The party is on

I can't wait

The bar is open

Gwyn having fun