Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Out & About - Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

The Stoney Creek Track

Neurum Creek, which forms the boundary, is accessible on foot. There is a walk path that can be followed from either end of the property; this path is approximately 1.5 kilometres long. It can take as little as 20 minutes to walk or you can spend hours as you check out the native flora and fauna, and swim in the waterholes.


The Lower Slopes Track

This track traverses the lower slopes of the property and links to both the Stoney Creek Track and the Northern Mountain Track.  There are plenty of areas on this track to take advantage of the views, and to spot the birds and butterflies.


The Zig Zag Track

This track leads from behind area “E”, up the central mountain. This track is constructed for much of the way and then is reduced to a hiking trail for the rest of the way to the escarpment. There are spectacular views over the countryside from this track.


Twin Gorges

The Twin Gorges walk is accessed from the back of area “D”. This is a walk for the keen and fit walker as it is all natural. There are, as the name implies, two gorges that can be explored. Both are entered after a short walk up and along a boulder strewn dry creek bed, you can then either go straight ahead in a westerly direction or veer right and take that branch. Whichever branch you choose be prepared for plenty of boulder hopping and scrambling up and down large rock faces. There are some significant trees in both gorges with the area being of a rain forest nature. You will see ferns, crows nests, stag and elk horns as well as orchids. Lichen covered rocks and patches of very fine green moss are a great contrast of colour. Birdcalls in the gorges are crystal clear.


The South Knoll Track and Split Rock

This track is constructed for much of the way. It is a mini Zig Zag track most of the way and offers great views both north and south along the valley. Split Rock is a viewing area above the Twin Gorge. It is a large rock formation, which is split by a fig tree. At this point you are above the tree line of the pathway into the Twin Gorges. Caution is required in this area and children must be in the care of a responsible person as the path to the viewing area is unformed with natural trip hazards such as vines and tree roots. The viewing area is unguarded and leads to a sheer drop into the gorge below. Those venturing to the top of the formed track can continue their walk along a trail leading from the top of the knoll to the Zig Zag track.


The Northern Mountain Track

This is a constructed track for much of the way and then becomes a hiking trail to the top of the mountain. You can then walk south, joining up with other trails on the property to return to your camp. From the top of the formed section you can see the top of Mt Tibrogargan, part of the Glass House Mountains, standing at 364 metres it is still dwarfed by nearby Mt Beerwah at 556 metres.


Bullock Gorge

This is the northern gorge and is largely unexplored. There are no man made tracks in this virgin country. There are significant stands of trees and plenty of bird life to be seen or heard.