Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Camping Food and Recipes


Butane cooker

These are the most versatile items in your kit. The cheaper ones are around $16 and range up to $35. There is little difference except sometimes I find the burners more efficient when I pay (say $25 The one pictured was that) and the apearance and quality of the finish is better but don't underestimat what $16 buys you.

Smokin roster bucket

Heat beads in a wok, a cake cooling rack and a bucket. You've gat an oven. I got a new bucket from Bunnings for $6 and lit 30 heat beads inside it to cure it from galvanising. remove handle turn upside down, a couple of holes to let smoke draw through and your in business.

Spear and hanger

Most good camp shops sell spears. Nail it in the ground and use 1 or even 2 hangers over heat beads contained in a wok or old frying pan.

Combo cooking

No problem when you can't have a fire. Use a butane cooker with a few heat beads on top of your camp oven and you guest it "You're cooking"

Drum Oven

One of the most inovative home made appliences I've seen (can't remember who the camper was that had it)

Gas bottle oven

This innovative design has several variations, this on is aimed at using with heat beads. The design contains the camp oven within which enhances the performance from the beads and would be unaffected by wind or rain. No doubt it can be used to also contain a billy for heating water for tea & coffee .

Heat bead starter

This is an invaluable tool for starting heat beads made from a Milo tin. (you can purchase a commercial one) You simply fill it with heat beads and light a couple of fire starters under. It takes about 15-20 minutes before the beads are ready for your camp oven cooking.

Gas bottle camp oven fire box

Only limited by your imagination this fire box is a wonder.

Roaster oven

A little to big to fit in the boot. You can hire this oven for your group parties when camping at Neurum Creek. We will give you all the "How to" info.

Hot water system

The simple principal of adding cold water to get hot water by using a disused keg. Virtualy any container will give the same result. Just remember when making yours the inlet must have a pipe that delivers the cold water well down into the appliance.

Electric turbo oven

Camping doesn't always mean no power. These fantastic turbo ovens that can be bought for as little as $60 are great for roasts.