Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Camping Food and Recipes


Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

Lamb & Rosemary Pie

This is the Aussie Pie you will love. The fresh taste of rosemary combined with the lamb is sensational.

Chicken Leek & Mushroom Pot Pie

WOW! I tried this at home and it was great. There is a certain tast you get from leeks sauted in butter with pepper & salt. Doing it in a camp oven will be best in a deep dish set on a trivet and make sure there is air space under the lid. Remember you need more top heat than bottom. Check after 20 minutes.

6 Pack beefsteak pie

Are you a true blue Aussie? then you will love this recipe.

Kangaroo Plum Pudding

Food should be an adventure especially when you are camping. The ingredients for this you can get anywhere and the fun you will have will be great. allow 3 hours and several beers

Colonial Cottage Pie

This is English Cottage pie with s definate Aussie twist