Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Camping Food and Recipes


Osso Bucco (Bone with hole)

This is a modern version of Osso Bucco, I love the rich tomato flavour. There is nothing better than a cold afternoon, a bowl of Osso Bucco with spuds and a piece of fresh damper.</p>

Seafood in a Pot

You need to think ahead on this one and bring the ingredients with you. You can be guaranteed that with a nother wine or two you will think Rick Stein was part of the group.

Rich Roo & Dumplings Stu

Be patriotic and try this Aussie icon Stu (Stew) you will love it. Like all the one pot recipes this is easy. The only exception is you need to allow the time for real slooooooooow cooking to get the best result. I mostly cook mine with a butane stove and just a few heat beads at the end.

Beef Chow Mein

This is a classic family favourite recipe tested and proven. Every kid can do it and the result is sensational.

Rasmussen Rooster

Don't underestimate this recipe. It was voted 9.75 out of 10 at a recent family camping weekend at NCBR

Lamb Shanks

Yum Yum! Best in town. This is slow and gentle cooking and a bit of Master Chef tossed in. Give it a try you will be amazed.</p>

Chicken Anaconda

This dish was created for DJ from Anaconda Morayfield for our expo cooking demonstration in 2010.

Mild Mexican Chicken 1 Pot

Mild mexican chicken 1 pot is designed to be family friendly camp cooking that can easily be prepared and cooked by the family junior chefs (with guidance). &nbsp;I guarantee you will enjoy this recipe and&nbsp;it can be prepared and on the plate in&nbsp;under 1 hour. There is no secret except to say the heat must be low once you put&nbsp; the rice in the&nbsp;pot and definitely don&#39;t stir.</p>

Yeppoon Lamb Shanks

Melt in your mouth, a real prize winner.

Irish Lamb Hotpot

Great with a cold Guinness beside a campfire

Grilled chicken with veloute cream sauce

Degree of difficulty is about 7/10. it's all about timing.Give it a try

Vegetable one pot

Lots of fun that the kids can be involved in and it encourages them to eat vegies.