Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

Camping Food and Recipes


Biggs Best Damper

Damper is the traditional food of campers. It should be made compulsory to try.

Cheese & Bacon Damper

This is the go with just about any hot pot or stew. or for happy hour washed down with a can of malty beer on a cold afternoon.

Blueberry & White Choc Chip Scones

Another winner with the kids.

Lemonade Scones

This recipe was originated several years ago by "Thommo" My bet is there has been lots of variations since. The principal is easy and ingredients will be on hand in almost any camp. I now make these as a regular item for our music festival after music campfire supper (this year around 500 of them)

Classic Damper Fruit Scones

Scones can be a realy social camp cooking treat. Morning tea or supper. Anytime is a good scone time. Get the kids to whip up a batch with their favourite fruits.

The Best Damb Damper

Come on get into this one. try one of the variations suggested.

Sultana Nut Bread

Derived from a Swedish Recipe but with an Aussie twist

Turkish Bread

Just like mumma makes